Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Beginner's first 3 openings

When you play Shogi , how  shold you  move ?  For  beginner players  , it may be very difficult  question .  In this secsion  , I show  3 relatively primitivestrategies of  shogi .  These are  primitive , but  they  teach us the basic way of thinking  about shogi

1. Genshi bougin
(Primitive climbing silver)


1.P-2f   P-8d  
2.P-2e   P-8e  
3.G-7h   G-3b  
4.P-2d   Px2d  
5.Rx2d   P*2c  
6.R-2h   P-8f  
7.Px8f   Rx8f  
8.P*8g   R-8b?  
9.S-3h   S-6b?  
10.S-2g   P-6d?  
11.S-2f   S-6c  

Where is the weakest square in your oponent'scamp ? It is theBishop's  head; 2c square !!  Then the most simple way to break opponent'scamp is  attacking the opponent's Bishop's head ,at the 2c square . But only single Rook's power ,Gote can easily defend  the square 2c with G-3b .So you need the right silver to join attacking .

more  aboutGenshi Bougin

2. Genshi Nakabisha
(Primitive central rook)

 1.P-5f   P-3d  
 2.R-5h   P-5d  
 3.S-6h   S-6b  
 4.S-5g   G6a-5b?
 5.S-4f   S-5c?  

Is there other point to attack ?  Another answer  is opponent's  King! . By moving your Rook in the
5th file, and attack the opponent's King directly !!

more about  Genshi  Nakabisha

3. Haya ISHIDA
(Quick ISHIDA ryu attack)

 1.P-7f   P-3d  
 2.P-7e   P-8d  
 3.R-7h   P-8e  
 4.K-4h   P-8f?  
 5.Px8f   Rx8f  

The other idea where  you  should  attack  is  opponent's  Rook. Rooks are very useful  piece  for attack . But  when  a Rook is attacked  , yousometimes  can't  save it without losing someadvantages .
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