Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Genshi bougin

(diagram 1)

 1.P-2f   P-8d  
 2.P-2e   P-8e  
 3.G-7h   G-3b  
 4.P-2d   Px2d  
 5.Rx2d   P*2c  
 6.R-2h   P-8f  
 7.Px8f   Rx8f  
 8.P*8g   R-8b  
(diagram 1)

You may think  "Why not Sente attacks the Gote'sBishop's head simply 3.P-2d ? "
To konw the answer of this question , please read  my site  Yamajunn's Shogi Opening traps

(diagram 2)

after thediagram 1
(diagram 2)

Sente prepares the attack step by step and Goteadvances his camp . Two example  lines  are  shown  below .

(2) 10...P-3d

(diagram 3)

moves afterdiagram 2(part 1)
11.S-2f   S-6c  
(diagram 3)

Gote  is  making  Koshikakegin formation and  Sente  advances  right  Silver  to  attack  theopponent's  Bishop  head .

(diagram 4)

moves afterdiagram 3
13.P*2d   Px2d  
(diagram 4)

Sente advances his right Silver to 2d and  Sente'sP*2c will  give him a great  advantage . Gote triesto avoid it .

(1) 14...P*2c
(2) 14...P-3d

(diagram 5)

moves afterdiagram 4(part 1.)
15.Sx2c+  Gx2c  
16.Rx2c+  S*3b  
17.+R-2h  P*2c  
(diagram 5)

Gote avoids Sente's P*2c by dropping there hisown Pawn . But  Sente gets a Pawn and has madea promoted Rook . Then he got  an advantage andhe still contiuously aiming at 2c square .

(diagram 6)

moves afterdiagram 4(part 2.)
15. S-2c=  B-4d
16. Sx3d+  P*2g
17. Rx2g  P*2f
18. R-2h
(diagram 6)

Gote tries to escape his Bishop by opening  theBishop line . But Sente's 15.S-2c= is a good moveto continue attacking  Gote's Bishop . Gote tries todefend the 2nd file  to stop Sent's Rook  . But atthe diagram 6 , Gote can't defend 2nd file andSente gets an advantage .

(diagram 7)

moves afterdiagram 2(part 2)
11.S-2f   S-4b  
12.S-2e   S-3c
(diagram 7)

In this time , Gote  joins his left to Silver toprotect the  2nd  file  against  Sente's Bougin .

Sente advances his right Silver  and  aims at 2ndfile .

(diagram 8)

moves afterdiagram 7
 13. P-7f  K-4a
 14. P*2d  Px2d
 15. Sx2d  Sx2d
 16. Rx2d  P*2c
(diagram 8)

Sente  exchanges  2nd file Pawns  and  Silvers .Gote drops a Pawn  at  2c .

(diagram 9)

moves afterdiagram 8
 17. Bx2b+  Gx2b
 18. R-2h  G-5b
 19. S-8h  G-3b
 20. K-6h  P-4d
(diagram 9)

By exchanging  the  Bishops . Sente  forces  to  move Gote's left  Gold  to 2b . And Sente backs  his  Rook  to 2h . Both Players  develop  their  camps .

(diagram 10)

moves afterdiagram 9
 21. P-1f  P-6d
 22. P-1e  S-6c
 23. S-7g  G5b-4c
 24. P-1d  Px1d
 25. P*1c
(diagram 10)

Sente  advances  1st file  Pawns  and  starts  attacking  here .

(diagram 11)

moves afterdiagram 10
26.S*1b   N-3c  
27.Sx2c+  P*2g  
28.Rx2g   P*2f  
29.Rx2f   P*2e  
(diagram 11)

Sente attacks  left  side  of  Gote's  camp  and  Gote  tries  to defend  it  with  2 Pawn  sacrifice ;Renda no Fu .

(diagram 12)

moves afterdiagram 11
30.+Sx3b  Kx3b  
31.R-2h   S*2c  
32.P*2b   Kx2b  
33.P*2d   Sx2d  
(diagram 12)

Sente  captures  3b  Gold  and backs his Rook to2h . With  a Pawn  sacrifice  , Sente gets anadvantage .

From the point of Gote's view  , how he shouldplay ?  

Gote should  join  more  piecies  than  Snete'sattacking  piecies .

more detail--->Anti Genshi Bougin

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