Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Genshi Nakabisha

(diagram 1)

 1.P-5f   P-3d  
 2.R-5h   P-5d  
 3.S-6h   S-6b  
 (diagram 1)

Sente tries to attack  Gote's King directly  withmoving  his Rook to 5h . Gote disturbs  Sente's P-5e  with  2...P-5d . Sente  joins  his  left  Silver  attacking in 5th file with 3.S-6h . Gote also  joins  his right Silver to defend with 3...S-6b .

(diagram 2)

The moves  after diagram 1
4.S-5g   G6a-5b?
 5.S-4f   S-5c?  
(diagram 2)

Sente  advances  his  left  Siver  to 4f  and  itjoins attacking . Gote uses his right Silver andGold  to defend . Sente starts  attacking  with  P-5e .

(diagram 3)

The moves after  diagram 2
 7.Sx5e   P*5d?  
 8.Sx5d   Sx5d  
 9.Rx5d   S-4b  
10.P-9f   S-5c  
11.R-5h   G4a-4b
12.B-9g   P-9d?  
13.P*5d   S-6b  
14.S*5c   Sx5c  
15.Px5c+  G5bx5c
16.Bx5c+  Gx5c  
(diagram 3)

Sente exchages  5th file Pawn and Silver  . Hejoins  the Bishop  in attacking  with  B-9g . Sentedrops  a  Pawn  with P*5d  and  continues  attacking . At diagra 3 , Sente gets  a  great  advantage .
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