Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Go-Hachi Kin migi kyusen

 Go-hachi Kin migi  Kyusen is one of the most  rough variations inGokigen Nakabisha. Bothplayers must have careful moves to choice thisvariation . Then sometimes either player declines  most dangerous line .

1.P-7f   P-3d  
 2.P-2f   P-5d  
 3.P-2e   R-5b  
 4.G4i-5h  P-5e    
 5.P-2d   Px2d  
 6.Rx2d   P-5f  
 7.Px5f   Bx8h+
 8.Sx8h   B*3c    
 9.Rx2a+  Bx8h+  
 10.N*5e   K-6b  
(diagram )

As I wrote above , this line leads very rough game .So each player can decline this line .

If Sente wants to avoid this line after  4.G4i-5h , heshoud  paly  5.S-4h instead of 5.P-2d .

If Gote wants to avoid  this  line after  4.G4i-5h , hecan select  some lines . Instead  of  6...P-5f  , themove  6...G-3b leads  relatively  quiet  game .  Other  selections are instead  of  5...P-5e , playing  with 5...P-9d or 5...K-6b

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