Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Gokigen Nakabisha ; 4.P-2d  line

(diagram 1)

 1.P-7f   P-3d  
 2.P-2f   P-5d  
 3.P-2e   R-5b  
(diagram 1)

The diagram 1 is one of the typical opening of  Gokigen Nakabisha . In this diagram , Gote's Bishophead , 2nd  file seems to be difficult  to protectagainst Sente's P-2d . But  Sente  can't so easilybreak here .

(diagram 2)

Afterdiagram 1
 4.P-2d   Px2d  
 5.Rx2d   Bx8h+  
(diagram 2 )

Sente exchanges 2nd file Pawns , and Goteexchanged  the Bishops to escape . At the diagram2 , Gote can select one of the  2  effective  lines .

(1) 6...B*3c
(2) S-2b

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