Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Anti  Haya ISHIDA

(diagram 1)

 1.P-7f   P-3d  
 2.P-7e   P-8d  
 3.R-7h   P-8e  
 4.K-4h   S-6b  
 5.P-7d   G-7b  
(diagram 1)

When Sente attacks  the  7th  file  with  5.P-7d ,Gote should  move  up  his  right  Gold  with G-7b .Such a simple  move  will   help  you  Sente's  Haya ISHIDA  attacking .

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(diagram 2)

After  the  diagram 1
 6.Px7c+  Sx7c  
 7.P*7d   S-6d  
(diagram 1)

Sente  attacks  the 7th  file  , but  Sente can't  attack  any  more .

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