Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Gote Sanken Bisha

Major lines  of  Anti Gote  Sanken  Bisha

Kyusen lines

(1)Yon-Go Fu Hayajikake
(2)Naname  Bougin

Jikyusen lines

(3)Gyoku tou Kurai dori
(4)Hidari mino
(5)Ibisha Anaguma

(diagram 1)

 1.P-7f   P-3d  
 2.P-2f   P-4d  
 3.S-4h   R-3b  
(diagram 1)

The line shown  this  page is one  of  the standard  opening  of  GoteclosedSanken Bisha.

Gote opens  the Bishop  line  with  1...P-3d  and  closed  it  with  2...P-4d . These  moves  set  is  common  in  standard  closed  Furibisha.

The move  3...R-3b  is  characteristic  move  of  Sanken  Bisha.

(diagram 2)

After diagram 1
 4.P-2e   B-3c  
 5.K-6h   S-4b  
 6.K-7h   K-6b  
(diagram 2)

In many  games  of  GoteSaken  Bisha ,  Sente  pushes  the  2nd  file  Pawn  with  P-2e , just  after  Gote's  R-3b  , to  disturb  a natural  development  of  ISHIDA  ryu  hongumi.

After  the King  moved  beside the Bishop , Sente  has  a  choice . Whether  he  starts  making  Ibisha  Anaguma soon  or  not .

(1) 7.G4i-5h ---> diagram 3
(2) 7.B-7g  ---> diagram 10

(diagram 3)

After diagram 2
 7.G4i-5h K-7b  
 8.P-5f   P-5d  
(diagram 3)

In this  line , Sente  doesn't  selectIbishaAnaguma. He complets  Funa gakoiand  will  make  attacking  formation  or  to make  theKakoi  developped  .

(1) 9.P-3f ---> diagram 4
(2) 9.P-9f  ---> diagram 7

(diagram 4)

After diagram 3
9.P-3f   P-9d  
10.P-9f   K-8b  
(diagram 4)

Sente pushes  the 3rd  file  Pawn . This  Pawn  has  some  meaning  ; (i) attack  with  P-3e , (ii)opne the way  of  2i-Knight , (iii) open  the path of  4h-Silver . These lines  all  belong  to Kyusenstrategy .

The main  idea  of  Kyusen against  Gote Sanken  Bisha  is  ," Without  Gote's  3c-bishop  ,  Sentecan  easily  break  the 2nd  file  of  Gote's campby Sente's  Rook " .  

To  remove  the 3c-Bishop , 2  ideas  are  exist .The  1st  one  is  directly  pushing  the  4th file  Pawn  with  P-4e  from  Sente  to reopen  Gote's  Bishop  line  . After  Gote reopens  the Bishop  line  , Sente  can  remove  the 3c Bishop  by  exchanging  it .

The  2nd  idea  is  threatning  the  3c-Bishop's  head  by  Sente's  Silver  to  advance  4f  square ,and  Sente forces  Gote  to  exchange  Bishops .

(1) 11.P-4f  ---> diagram 5
(2) 11.S-6h ---> diagram 6

(diagram 5)

After diagram 4
11.P-4f   G4a-5b
12.N-3g   R-2b  
(diagram 5)

Sente advances  the  4th  file  Pawn  to attack  in  this  file . Replying  Sente's  Knight  jump  ,  Gote  must  move  his  Rook  in 2b  to  avoid  losing  an  advantage .  This  attacking   strategy  is  called  Yon-Go  Fu  Hayajikake.

Yon-Go Fu Hayajikake

(diagram 6)

After diagram 4
11.S-6h   S-7b  
12.S6h-5g G4a-5b
(diagram 6)

In this  line  ,  Sente  advanced  his  left  Silver  to  threatning  the 3c-Bishops  head  . Thisstrategy  is  called  Naname  Bougin.

Naname  Bougin

(diagram 7)

After diagram 3
 9.P-9f   P-9d  
(diagram 7)

Sente pushed  the 9th file Pawn before  preparing  the  attacking  formation .  In  this  line  Sente  will  advance  his  Funa  gakoi.

(1) 10.P-8f ---> diagram 8
(2) 10.S-5g ---> diagram 9

(diagram 8)

After diagram 7
10.P-8f   K-8b  
11.K-8g   S-7b  
12.S-7h   G4a-5b
(diagram 8)

Sente  makes  a  similar  Kakoi  as  Gote's  Mino  gakoi. Sente's kakoi  is  called  Hidari  mino.

Hidari mino

(diagram 9)

After diagram 7
10.S-5g   K-8b  
11.S7i-6h G4a-5b
12.P-7e   S-7b  
(diagram 9)

In  this  line  ,  Sente  advances  the  7th  file  Pawn  . Sente will  develop his  Funa gakoitoGintachi  Yagura.  

Gyoku tou Kurai dori

(diagram 10)

After diagram 2
 7.B-7g   K-7b  
 8.K-8h   K-8b  

Sente  quickly  starts  makingIbisha  Anagumawith  7.B-7g .

Ibisha Anaguma

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