Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening


Introduction of Yagura

Yagurais one of the most popular openings .TodayYaguraopening  becomes  verysystematic . This page shows out line of theYaguragames .

(1) Until Shin Yagura Niju-yonte gumi
(2) After Shin Yagura Niju-yonte gumi
(3) Kyusen Yagura strategies
(4) Around Yagura Niju-yonte gumi
(5) Various attacking formations of Yagura games

(1)Until  Shin Yagura niju-yonte gumi
(diagram 1)

moves  up  to the diagram 1
1.P-7f   P-8d  
2.S-6h   P-3d  
4.P-5f   P-5d  
5.S-4h   S-4b  
6.G4i-5h G-3b  
7.G-7h   K-4a  
8.K-6i   P-7d  
9.G5h-6g G-5b  
10.S-7g   S-3c  
11.B-7i   B-3a  
12.P-3f   P-4d  
(diagram 1)

In many  games  of  Yagura pass  through  the  diagram  1  , so  called  "Shin Yagura niju-yonte gumi".

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(2)AfterShin Yagura niju-yonte gumi

After Shin Yagura niju-yonte gumi , Sente  can  select  mainly  2  major  strategies .
(a) 13.B-6h
(b) 13.S-3g

(a)MORISHITA systemline
(diagram 2)

after diagram 1
13. B-6h
(diagram 2)

MORISHITA  systemhas  a characterisctic  strategical  idea .  (i)  making  a  Yagura gakoi  first  and (ii) developping  the  atacking  form  replying  Gote's  moves .  

(b)San-Nana Gin senpouline
(diagram 3)

after diagram 1
(diagram 3)

San-Nana Gin  senpou includes  2  major  linesand some minor lines . (i)KATOU ryu(ii)Yon-Roku Gin San-Nana Kei senpou(iii) oehters .

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(3) Kyusen Yagura

Kyusen Yagurais a group of  variations  separated  from  major  Ai  Yagura lines . Hereare representative  Kyusen Yagura formations .

(1) AONO ryu Gote sokkou Bougin
(2) NAKAGAWA ryu Migi Shiken Bisha
(3) Nimai Gin kyusen Yagura
(4) Kani Kani Gin senpou
(5) YONENAGA ryu Kyusen Yagura
(6) NAKAHARA ryu Kyusen Yagura
(7) TSUKADA ryu  Roku-Ni Hi senpou
(8) Yagura Nakabisha
(9) GOUDA-AKUTSU ryu Kyusen Yagura

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(4) Around Yagura niju-yonte gumi
(diagram 4)

moves up to the diagram 4
 1.P-7f   P-8d  
 2.S-6h   P-3d  
 3.S-7g   S-6b  
 4.P-2f   S-4b  
 5.S-4h   P-5d  
 6.P-5f   G-3b  
 7.G-7h   K-4a  
 8.K-6i   P-7d  
 9.G-5h   G-5b  
10.B-7i   S-3c  
11.P-6f   B-3a  
12.P-3f   P-4d  
(diagram 4)

Yagura  niju-yonte gumi is  older line  of  AiYagura. Differnt  from  Shin Yagura niju-yontegume, Sente player  push  the 2nd file  Pawn  in  early  stage  of  opening . The moves shown aboveis a typical  opening  of  Yagura niju-yontegumi.

After Yagura niju-yonte gumi , 2  major  lines  and  other  minor  lines  exist .
(1)13.P-1f ---> Suzume zashi related  lines
(2)13.G5h-6g ---> Roku-Nana Kin migi lines
(3) other lines

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(5) Attacking formations of Yagura

(1)Yonte Kaku
(2) Suzume zashi
(3) Bougin
(4) Yagura Kuzushi  B-2f version
(5) Yagura Kuzushi B-4f version
(6) Yon-Nana Gin senpou
(7) Yon-Roku Gin San-Nana Kei senpou

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