Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Yonteme Hachi-Hachi Kaku nari senpou

Major lines  of  Yonteme Hachi-Hachi Kakunari senpou

(1)Kaku Koukan Shiken Bisha
(2)direct Mukai Bisha

(diagram 1)

1.P-7f  P-3d
2. P-2f  Bx8h+
(diagram 1)

The  moves  shown  above  is  the beginning  of  Yonteme Hachi-Hachi Kaku nari senpou.

In this opening , Gote exchanges  the  Bishops  inhis 2nd move . And after moves up the left  Silver  to 3c , decides  the Rook's  position .

After  diagram 1 , Sente must  capture  the 8h-promoted  Bishop  with  3.Sx8h (--->diagram 2).

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(diagram 2)

Afterdiagram 1
3.Sx8h  S-2b
4.S-4h  S-3c
(diagram 2)

After the Bishop  exchange , Gote  naturaly  advances  his  left  Silver  to  3c . Sente  starts  making  his Kakoi  with  5.K-6h .

In  diagram 2  ,  major  2  lines  and  some  minor  lines  exist .

(1) 5...R-4b --->diagram 3
(2) 5...R-2b --->diagram 4

Gote  can transpotion  the opening  toIttezonKakukawariwith  following  moves .
(3) 5...G-3b
(4) 5...P-8d
(5) 5...S-6b
(6) 5...K-4b

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(diagram 3)

Afterdiagram 2
6.K-7h  K-6b
(diagram 3)

Gote's  Rook  comes  to  4b . The  Rook  protects  4c-square . And  Gote starts  making  Kakoi .

Kaku koukan Shiken Bisha

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(diagram 4)

Afterdiagram 2
(diagram 4)

In this  line  ,  Gote's  Rook  comes  to 2b without  protecting  4c-Square . You may think  Sente  can  make a promoted  Bishop  by  dropping  a  Bishop  on  6e  aiming  at  4c and  8c  squares .

The similar  line  has  first  appeared  in  SATO  Yasumitsu's  game .  This  line  is  so  called  "direct Mukai Bisha".

Direct  Mukai Bisha; P-9c version

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