Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

TSUKADA  ryu Go-Nana Gin Migi senpou

(diagram 1)

 1.P-7f   P-3d  
 2.P-2f   P-4d  
 3.S-4h   R-4b  
 4.K-6h   S-3b  
 5.K-7h   K-6b  
 6.P-5f   S-7b  
 7.G4i-5h K-7a  
 8.P-9f   P-9d  
 9.P-2e   B-3c  
10.P-3f   K-8b  
(diagram 1)

In this strategy , Sente  advanced  his right  Silver  to 5g  and  joins  it  in  attacking . And  he  uses  other  2 Golds and left  Silver  for  defense .

In the other  hand  ,  Gote makes  Mino gakoi(Kata mino gakoi) , and  he can select  one  of  the2  major lines .


(diagram 2)

After  the  diagram 1(part 1.)
12. S-4f

Gote  protects  his  Bishop  head  with  S-4c .Sente advances  his  right  Silver  for an attack in3rd file .

(diagram 3)

After  the  diagram 2
13. P-3e

Gote  joins  his  Rook  to  counterattack  wirh  12...R-3b . Sente starts attacking in 3rd  file  with 13.P-3e . This page shows  you some typical lines ofsuccessfull  attack .  

(diagram 4)

After  the  diagram 3

14.Px3d   Sx3d  
(diagram 4)

Gote naturaly  completes hisHon mino gakoi.Sente attacks in 3rd file : the head of Gote'sBishop and  aims at Gote's left  Silver . How Gotewill move ?

(diagram 5)

After  the  diagram 4

16.Bx3c+  Rx3c  
17.S-5e   S-4c  
18.Rx3c+  Nx3c  
19.P*3d   Sx3d  
20.R*3a   G-4c  
21.Rx1a+  R*3i  
(diagram 5)

Gote pushes 4th file Pawn to exchange Bishops .By this exchange  ,  Gote's aimed  Bishop canescape from  Sente's attack .

But Sente advances  his  right  Silver aiming atGote's Rook . Gote tries to avoid this attack byexchangeing Rooks .  

After the Rook exchange , sacrificing  one Pawnwith 19.P*3d , Sente continues attacking . Afterdiagram 5 , how Sente should move ?

(diagram 6)

After  the  diagram 5

22.P-9e   Px9e  
23.L*6b   G-7a  
24.Lx9e   Lx9e  
25.B*9a   Kx9a  
(diagram 6)

After sacrificing 9th file Pawn with 22.P-9e , Sentedropped a Lance with 23.L*6b . If  Gote captures  the Lance  with 23...GxLc , the game  will  advancelike following move ; 24. B*7a K-9b , 25.Lx9e P*9c ,26.Bx6b+ , and Sente will get  a win  davantage .

Then Gote's Gold escaped from the Lance with 23...G-7a . But sacrificing  a  Bishop  , Sente also getsa win advantage in this line .

(diagram 7)

After  the  diagram 1

(diagram 7)

In this time , Gote completes Hon mino gakoi with11.G4a-5b . Sente joins the Rook in attacking 3rdfile with 12.R-3h .

(diagram 8)

After  the  diagram 7

13.P-3e   Px3e
(diagram 8)

Gote tries to protect the aimed  Bishop head  with12...S-4c . After sacrificing  a  Pawn  with 13. P-3e , Sente advances  right  Silver  with  14.S-4f .

(diagram 9)

After  the  diagram 8

15.Bx3c+  Nx3c    
16.Sx3e   Nx2e    
17.P*3d   R-3b    
18.B*5e   Sx3d    
19.Sx3d   P*3g    
(diagram 9)

Gote pushes 4th file Pawn with 14...P-4e  toexchage  the  aimed  Bishop . After  the Bishopexchange , Sente advances his right Silver  withcapturing  3e Pawn . Gote captures the 2e Pawnby  the left Knight .

Sente dropes a Pawn with  17.P*3d to promote .Gote disturbes it  with  17...R-3b . Sente addes onemore piece to attack  with  18.B*5e . Sacrificing  aSilver , Gote tries  to use his Rook  effectively witha support of 2e Knight .

(diagram 10)

After  the  diagram 9

20.R-2h   Rx3d    
21.Rx2e   P-2d    
22.Rx4e   P-3h+  
23.R-4a+  +P-4h  
24.Gx4h   R-3i+  
(diagram 10)

Both Sente and Gote use their each Rook andpromotes .

(diagram 11)

After  the  diagram 10

25.N*7d   K-9b    
26.+Rx6a  +Rx4h  
27.S-6h   Sx6a    
28.G*8b   K-9c    
29.Gx8a   R*4i    
(diagram 11)

Dropping  a Knight on 7d , Sente continuesattacking . And after some moves , Sente matesthe opponent's King  with 30.N*8e .

The mating  moves affter 30.N*8e is followingmoves .

31.Bx7c+  Kx8e
32.N-9g   Kx7f
33.P*7g   K-6e
34.+B-5e  K-7e
35.S*7f   Kx7d
36.S-8e   K-7e
37.P-7f   mate .

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