Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening

Yagura : Yonte Kaku

(diagram 1)

 1.P-7f   P-8d  
 2.S-6h   P-3d  
 3.S-7g   S-6b  
 4.P-2f   S-4b  
 5.S-4h   G-3b  
 6.P-5f   P-5d  
 7.G-7h   K-4a  
 8.K-6i   G-5b  
 9.P-3f   P-4d  
10.G-5h   S-3c  
11.B-7i   B-3a  
12.P-6f   P-7d  
(diagram 1)

The  moves  until  diagram 1 is one of ths typicalopening  moves  of  Yagura niju-yonte gumi .

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(diagram 2)

After  diagram 1
13.P-1f   B-6d  
14.B-4f   P-1d  
15.G5h-6g G5b-4c
16.P-2e   P-8e  
17.B-3g   B-7c  
18.P-4f   P-6d  
(diagram 2)

Sente pushes  the 1st  file  Pawn  with  13.P-1f .
This move  has  mainly  2  means . The 1st is  toprepare  attacking  in  1st  file . The other  is  towait  Gote  makes  his  formation .

Gote replies  with  13...P-6d . By this P-6d  , Goteis preparing  King's move  to enterYagura gakoi .And  the same time  this move  is attacking  Sente's Rook . In order to avoid  it ,  Sente must  make  his form ; S-3g , N-3g or  aother  move .  HereSente also  moves  the  Bishop  with  14.B-4f .

Both players  back  their  each  Bishop  with  17.B-3g and 17...B-7c  and  develope the camps  toprepare  attacking  formaiton .

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(diagram 3)

Afterdiagram 2
19.K-7i   K-3a  
20.K-8h   K-2b  
21.P-9f   P-9d  
22.S-5g   S-6c??  
(diagram 3)

Both player's  Kings  enteres  their each  Yaguragakoi with 20.K-8h  and  20...K-2b . And Sente hascompleted Sou Yagura with 22.S-5g .

Gote's  move  22...S-6c  is  a  bad  move . But  to  understand  Sente's  attacking  way  , I show thisline . ( Gote  should  move  22...S-5c  insetead  of  S-6c . )

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(diagram 4)

Afterdiagram 3
23.B-2f   B-8d  
24.N-3g   N-7c  
(diagram 4)

Sente  and  Gote  is  making   similar  attacking  formation  called  "Yonte Kaku" .Yonte Kaku means  4  moves  Bishop ,  more correctly saying ,"Attacking  formation  with  Bishop  after  4  times  moved" . ( The 2f Bishop has moved  4times ; 8h ->7i -> 4f ->3g -> 2f . )

Both player  has  completed  attacking formation ,and  Sente  starts  attacking  with  P-25.4e .

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(diagram 5)

After diagram 4
26.R-4h   Px4e  
27.Nx4e   S-4d  
28.Bx4d   Gx4d  
(diagram 5)

Gote moves  his  Rook with  25...R-7b  to avoid  Sente's  Bishop  promotion . If  Gote captured  4ePawn  with 25...Px4e , Sente will  promote his  Bishop with  26.B-7a+ .

After  25...R-7b , Sente's  Rook  joines  attacking .Gote captures  the 4e Pawn  . Sente  continues  attacking  with sacrificing  the Bishop . At thediagram 5 , Sente  has  got  a  great  advantage .

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